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YG-ZX45n Solar DC home system (Built-in battery) Constructed by amorphous silicon solar module, bracket, power control unit and loading unit (DC energy saving lamp, LCD TV, small power electric equipment etc). It can provide electricity for lighting, watching DC LCD TV, listening radio & audio system, charging mobile, MP3, camera etc. It is ideal for rural remote area use where no electricity or unreliable electricity supply.
System Configuration:
①Solar module: 3 pieces
Power 45W, output voltage≥17V,
Maximum output current≥2.5A
Dimension: 962(length) x 390(width) x 22(depth) mm
②Solar module bracket: 1 set
③Power control unit: 1 set, including 12V/45Ah battery, charge-discharge controller, input and output ports.
④DC energy saving lamp: 2pcs of 7W/12V
System Usage:
Solar modules should be placed outdoor where no sun light is blocked, it can provide electricity for DC energy saving lamps, also DC LCD TV, radio and mini-audio system, charging mobile, MP3 and camera etc.
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